Mob edge thriller!

With a lead of just 1 run going into the final half innings, and the Kamis' 3rd place hitter up (responsible for their only genuine home-run of the night) things looked ominous for the Mob.
However, showing true Mob grit, determination, and teamwork they simply refused to be beaten.

Under huge pressure Dave secured the first out at 3rd on a routine pop-up, building the belief that this was indeed possible.
The next hitter worked a full count before lining out into the outfield.  Sam strode in from left-field, ready to take the simplest of catches.  2 outs!
But no(!), the ball was on the ground and the tying run was safe at first!!

The Kamis brought up a pinch-hitter, but it was a tough ask this late on and with 2 strikes he was fortunate to put it in play down the right-field line.  Sam swooped on it and crucially held him to a single.  Runners at first and second, 1 out.

How would the Mob get out of this one?  Up stepped captain Paul, catching the pop-up at short and with the Kami runners way off their bases, had a choice of throwing to 2nd or 1st for the double-play.
To keep things interesting he chose the long throw to first where Sarah H held on safely... game over.  Mob win! Mob win!

Earlier, The Mob had started well, scoring 3 in the first and 5 in the 3rd to take the lead 9-8.  It should've been more, but for one of the worst base-coaching decisions you'll ever see from Tom.  Sending Sarah H from 3rd when Paul B would've been up with the bases loaded was criminal and robbed the Mob of potentially 4 runs!

The fielding also got off to a slow start.  However, at least the Mob seemed to be playing without fear, not being afraid to the throw the ball around to make plays - even if sometimes those throws were way off target!
By the end of the 4th the Kamis were leading 12-9.

But for every mistake at the plate, on the base-paths, or in the field there was someone prepared to pick up their teammate with a good play.  A key example of this was The Mob scoring a total of 5 runs with 2 outs, including two in the 5th (where Sarah G's lead-off single proved crucial) and Erika's single scoring Sam in the top of the 7th to take the lead 13-12.

In the end the Mob held their nerve, helped by Sharon's calming, managerial influence from the sideline - shutting out the Kamis in the final 3 innings for a nerve-wracking but deserved victory.

by Tom

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